Mitchell Freifeld - Painter, Oil on Canvas


Noted Public Collections:
       Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
       City of Portland, Oregon
       City of Lake Oswego, Oregon
       Hotel Modera, Portland, Oregon
       Hoyt Street Properties, Portland, Oregon
       Legacy Emanuel Hospital, Portland, Oregon

       Recipient of 2017 Regional Arts and Culture Council grant
       for "In Our Time" series
       The Life and Art of C.S. Price
       100 Artists of The West Coast
       Portrait of Portland Magazine - 2010
       The Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery: The First 50 Years - 2009

2017  Portland Art Museum (RSG) - In Our Time exhibition
2016  Lane Gallery - Winter Show
2016  Cascade Aids Project
2016  Portland Art Museum (RSG) Spring group show
2015  Freed Gallery Group Show
2014  Port of Portland Industry and Art invitational show
2014  Portland Art Museum (RSG) Spring group show
2014  Freed Gallery group shows
2014  DragonFire Gallery, Cannon Beach spring & fall group show
2014  Cascade Aids Project
2013  Portland Art Museum (RSG) spring & fall group show
2013  Caplan Art Designs (solo show – Iconic Portland)
2013  DragonFire Gallery, Cannon Beach spring & fall group show
2013  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City
2013  Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle, WA
2013  Cascade Aids Project event
2012  Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle, WA  (solo show)
2012  DragonFire Gallery, Cannon Beach
2012  Caplan Art Designs (solo show – Post War Charmers)
2012  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City
2012  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2012  Cascade Aids Project
2011  Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle, WA
2011  DragonFire Gallery, Cannon Beach
2011  Caplan Art Designs
2011  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City
2011  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2011  Cascade Aids Project (Caplan Art Designs)
2010  Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle, WA
2010  DragonFire Gallery, Cannon Beach
2010  Caplan Art Designs
2010  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City
2010  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2010  Bella Perla Gallery
2010  Cascade Aids Project (Caplan Art Designs)
2010  Lake Oswego-2010 Chronicle Exhibition (by invitation)
2009  Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle, WA (solo show)
2009  DragonFire Gallery – Cannon Beach, Oregon
2009  Caplan Art Designs
2009  Cascade Aids Project (Caplan Art Designs)
2009  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City & Pacific City
2009  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2009  Springbox Gallery
2008  Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle, WA
2008  DragonFire Gallery,  Cannon Beach, Oregon
2008  Caplan Art Designs
2008  Cascade Aids Project (Caplan Art Designs)
2008  Bella Perla
2008  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City & Pacific City
2008  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2008  Springbox Gallery
2007  Bella Perla Gallery  (solo show)
2007  Caplan Art Designs
2007  Cascade Aids Project (Caplan Art Designs)
2007  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City & Pacific City
2007  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2007  Springbox Gallery
2006    Artists Repertory Theater   (solo show)
2006  Bella Perla Gallery
2006  Cascade Aids Project (through Lawrence Gallery)
2006  Featured exhibit at Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts
2006  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City & Portland
2006  Lawrence Gallery, Portland
2006  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2006  Springbox Gallery
2005  Cascade Aids Project (through Lawrence Gallery)
2005  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City
2005  Lawrence Gallery, Portland
2005  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2004  Artists Repertory Theater   (solo show curated by Mark Woolley)
2004  Caplan Art Designs
2004  Designer’s Gallery, Portland   (solo show)
2004  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City
2004  Open Door Project - Lake Oswego Foundation of the Arts
2004  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2004  Urban Scenes – Gresham City Hall Visual Arts Gallery
2003  Atlas Gallery, Alberta St. - Dec  (solo show)
2003  Atlas Gallery, Alberta St. – April (solo show)
2003  Belinki & DuPrey Gallery  (solo show)
2003  Charlie White Gallery
2003  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City
2003  Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, "Beyond Line"
2003  Mark Woolley Gallery - Dec. '03 - Jan. '04 show
2003  Open Door Project - Lake Oswego Foundation of the Arts
2003  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2002  Belinki & DuPrey Gallery
2002  Charbonneau Invitational Art Exhibition
2002  Mary Lou Zeek Gallery Salem
2002  Pearl Gallery (solo show)
2002  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2001  Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts - Blue Ribbon
2001  Portland Art Museum (RSG)
2001  Wisp Gallery, Everett St. Lofts (solo show)
2000  Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts - Blue Ribbon